I Love Pho: The Pho Song

Youtuber Richie Le, Vietnamese American, made a song dedicated to his motherland, Vietnam with Filipino American singer AJ Rafael.

The song starts off with a discouraged Vietnamese couple who thinks that they have to close the restaurant, because they are not making enough profits. However Richie comes in to save the day by preparing the well known Vietnamese dish Pho. It is typically a beef noodle broth. He has the help of a girl and friends. He and the girl are preparing the dish. Later on their friends come in and before you know it, there is an eating pho challenge! Everyone is cheering on the food eating participants. The Vietnamese couple comes in and is happy to see people at the restaurant and eating Pho.

Later in the video the Asian youth are break dancing, rapping, and doing hip hop moves.

Check out this amazing video, especially if you love Pho!


Personally, I have not tried pho. I feel like I have failed as an Asian American, but I’m going to! It’s on my food bucket list. I heard about this food couple of years ago. I need to try it out because it looks sooo good.

Overall, I love this song, because it’s so catchy and trendy, and shows great respect for their former country. It talks about the sacrifices their parents have to make and the Viets who pioneered the way in America. Personally, the song appeals to me because of the great food and cultural aspects. Food makes everyone happy!

On a side note, I would love to see a song dedicated to mohinga or laphet salad as a Burmese American. That would be humorous to me but also touching. It would warm my heart.

Here are some delicious pictures of pho. I hope they make your mouth water, because they sure do for me!


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