Unique Name: Quirks and Joys

Your name is whattttttt???? Yep. That’s my name. 

Having a unique name has its strengths and weaknesses. First off, I have never met anyone with my name. Second, it is very rare so I feel very special and attached to it. Third, it is foreign so people are caught off guard by it and don’t know what to do. Finally, it can be difficult for people to pronounce it because there are many ways.

I remember going on field trips and I would see key chains or souvenirs items and with all kinds of names like Alex, David, Emily, etc. Sadly, I knew my name would not be on it. I wish my name would be on it at times. It would have been fun and awesome for me.

One thing about having a unique name that is not common is that you won’t get confused for someone else as the same name as you because your name is so rare that the chances of meeting someone with that same name is slim. So it’s nice not to be known as Sarah B or say Michael L or whatever. You don’t have to have that struggle.

The downside of having a unique name is that people can make a big deal out of it especially if it’s very unusual. There’s also constant amount of teasing, confusion, and bullying. It doesn’t always occur but it can happen. I have been teased and made fun of my name, but I don’t think I was ever bullied for it. But I know that it is possible.

People can develop insecurities because of their names. The reasons can be because the name is too short, too long, foreign, has weird/different spelling, hard to pronounce, or just not common. Many people want to fit in and a lot of times people point out the obvious that the name is too unique so they grow self-conscious to it. It is the same how people point out about someone’s height like, “hey you are really tall! or you are really short.” It’s similar to it.

Lastly, unique names can be a blessing and a curse. I’m still working on embracing my name. But I will say that I do like being unique. I notice that if you are confident about your unique name and don’t make a big deal out of it, people will notice that and not bother you about it. They will eventually leave you alone and become accustomed to it.





6 thoughts on “Unique Name: Quirks and Joys

  1. My name is common in Hawaii, but anywhere else, it is not. So, I totally get the keychain thing. I used to look for my name even though I knew my search was futile! So how to you pronounce your name? 😛


  2. Lol I know! I gave up too.
    The history of my name is so complicated that I believe I could write a book about it!
    It’s that crazy.
    I can’t reveal my name because my identity would be easily known. That is how unusual my name is

    It’s not hard to pronounce especially if you are a Spanish speaker but because people tend to add another vowel instead of the original vowel or they drag out my name it’s irritating.


    I gave up correcting people. Sometimes I do but honestly though correcting people would be like every 5 seconds for me or something like that.

    I tremendously appreciate the people who can pronounce my name right the way I want to be. They make me happy.


  3. My name is like every other person’s name out there. Like all over the world, when I type my whole name in the search bar, I would get to see random people in different nations with the same name as mine. However, when I go to keychain stores, i rarely see my name on those tiny stuffs because the spelling kinda matters in English. But I love my name still for there are a lot more special reasons to appreciate it than to hate:)


    1. True true your name is really unique. I never understood why parents would try to create unique spelling for a name that is common, but it kinda makes sense. You want your kids to stand out. I think it’s cool that you have a cool spelling for your name. 🙂


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