It was one late Friday evening when a group of people who cared for me, told me, “that my voice matters.” I thought about it. My voice does matter.

Too often I am frustrated that AAPI issues are not heard. Too often I don’t see Burmese people or even Southeast Asian people on TV or important media. Too often Asian American issues are not discussed in school. Too often they are not discussed in the greater American public. America has always been about black and white issue. It’s as if other groups don’t matter.

Asian Americans do matter. Burmese Americans matter. Hispanics matter. Native Americans matter. Middle Easterners matter. Mixed race people matter. Everyone matters. 

Instead of finding people who can relate to me, I needed to start writing my own stories and sharing my voice. If I don’t, who else will?

I write this blog, so that people will know more about Burmese Americans, Southeast Asian Americans, refugee issues, and lastly AAPI issues. This blog is meant to not only bring awareness to social issues, but also bring empowerment to everyone who reads this blog.

All it takes is one person. That’s what I have been told. Then that one person will tell another person ,and a ripple will take effect.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you learned something new.


**Disclaimer: I want to highly emphasize and stress that I do NOT represent all Burmese Americans, Southeast Asian Americans, or even refugees. Everything that is written on this blog is from the perspective of one Burmese American girl. **



4 thoughts on “About

    1. Hey! I’m actually Burmese. But I consider myself a little bit of Thai because I used to live in Thailand for a few years.

      I have pretty much resided in America most of my life too.

      Oh wow that is so cool! Have you ever lived in Germany!? That’s a wonderful multicultural background you have!

      Yay go Asian Americans! 🙂


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