Burmese American Links

Below listed is a bunch of links that deal with Burmese and Burmese American affairs and information.

https://viss.wordpress.com/                                                                                                                        A Burmese American, native of CA, talks about Burmese and Burmese-American affairs.

http://kennethwongsf.blogspot.com/                                                                                                         A Burmese-born American, who lives in the Bay area. His blog contains a vibrant and mosaic of Burmese pictures, poems, books, films, etc.

https://whiteboylearningburmese.wordpress.com/                                                                           While the blogger is not a Burmese person, his blog is quite useful and informative. The site is a mixture of English and Burmese languages, but heavily leans toward the Burmese language, hence the title.

http://burmese-community.blogspot.com/                                                                                         Great content of Burmese cultural events. Site is in English and Burmese.

https://www.youtube.com/user/AmericanBurmeseSlang                                                                 A 1.5 generation Burmese American, makes videos of cultural Burmese information. She also teaches Burmese words.