Year in Review: 2016 Pros and Cons

2016 was a year of great and unfortunate memories. Some good occurred. Some bad happened. Let’s start off with some positives.

I graduated from high school!! I accomplished one of the biggest milestones of my life. Both of my parents did not graduate from high school, so this was extremely important to me. I made sure that graduating from high school occurred. Actually I panicked a bit and was a bit paranoid that it wouldn’t happen, but it did happen!! 🙂  I never thought this would actually happen in my life, but I’m so glad it did.

I was able to go to college. This was another accomplishment I was happy about and I sighed with relief. Now the trouble was paying for it. Unfortunately, I had to turn down my dream school at that time, which I couldn’t afford, even though I did receive some merit aid. The financial aid I received was not sufficient to sustain me all four years of college, and I would have to take out massive amount of loans to afford it. I did not think it was worthwhile for an out of state college.

I decided to attend a college in my state. Looking back, I believe I made one of the best decisions I could ever make in my life.

I turned 18 in the summer and became an adult. I am officially an adult and learning how to “adult” with grace and style. I think I’m doing just fine and dandy! But it has been extremely overwhelming, but I am more happy in my life than I have ever been. I made a decision on my 18th birthday that I would accept who I am, with all my flaws and quirks. If I never learn how to accept myself, I will never be happy with who I am. I am still learning and I have not reach my goal, but I am getting there. Learning day by day, night by night.

The summer was fun, bittersweet, and quite disappointing to be frank. I was able to do some traveling and explore a state that I haven’t been to in the south. But unfortunately towards the end of my trip, I found out that my maternal grandmother had died. My maternal grandmother who I had not seen in over perhaps 15-16 years. The only communication I had with her was on the phone and it was brief due to language barriers. Honestly, I was pretty distraught, because I longed to see her. But now I will never know what it’s like to have met my mother’s parents. I never grew up with grandparents unlike my friends and classmates. I never had that intimate knowledge of spending time with my grandparents on holidays or having family reunions. It is what it is.

However while my mother’s remaining parent had died, her father died before I was born, I was able to experience something exciting at the same time! I received a surprise visit from both of my father’s parents that same summer!! It was extremely incredible and looking back I was most likely confused and bewildered. My paternal grandparents came to visit from Burma. I was able to see them and bond with them. I also met some of my paternal uncles. It was quite a delight. I had not seen my paternal in over 15-16 years too.

So this past summer was quite a roller coaster ride. Full of high and low emotions and tensions.

I made new friends and reconnected with old ones. Friends come and go in our lives. So be sure to cherish the memories you have with them now!

Overall 2016 was a pretty significant year for me as it marked an end to my childhood and a beginning to a new chapter of my life called “adulthood”. I am fascinated to see where 2017 will take me. Perhaps I will find a best friend or meet the love of my life? Who knows? 🙂 Time will tell.




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