Emily Tay

Many people both Asian Americans and non Asian Americans have heard of Jeremy Lin, an Asian American who broke barriers for Asian Americans in the NBA. Few have heard of Emily Tay, a Burmese-American of Burmese-Chinese background who have skills that can probably rival of Jeremy Lin. Emily Tay is often dubbed as a female Jeremy Lin to those who have heard of her. Her story is quite inspirational and in a way tragic. I tremendously resonate with her because I am a Burmese American. Not only is she Burmese-American but a female one! So to me, she is automatically a role model.

When I first came upon reading her on the internet last spring, I felt an immediate draw to her. I felt like I had a connection with her. There are many things I cannot relate to her such as basketball and her sexuality. However I know what it is like to grow up with Burmese parents, especially with a Burmese mom. She is a phenomenal female Asian American bballer. She has a documentary called No Look Pass, which is a coming of age film of her Harvard basketball career, experience in Germany, while dealing with Burmese parents and coming out to her parents. I encourage you to check her out!

As a Burmese American I love you Emily Tay, or as you are affectionately known as Etay! While there are things I don’t agree with you Emily Tay, I wish you well!

You can find her film on YouTube, Amazon, etc.

Here is her Harvard basketball career stats.

Harvard Bball Stats


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