Growing up Asian in Non-Asian Community

I was six years old when I started to grow up among non-Asian people. That is when I moved to the US. I wasn’t fortunate enough to live among Asians in my upbringing. When you are that age you don’t really think about race that much. You are affected and aware of race but you don’t really notice it much in your surroundings. At least that was the case in my situation. But looking back, I realized that my sibling and I were the only Asians in the school! I think I took it in stride, but honestly it was really hard growing up. Now many years later, I still grow up in non-Asian communities, but to me it’s a blessing in disguise. I really appreciate diversity and I am comfortable around non-Asian people, basically people who don’t look like me.

But I wish I had the opportunity to grow up among Asians. I probably would have been stronger in my cultural identity. It would have been easier to find peers who can relate to me. Also it wouldn’t have been so weird to be the only Asian, say in school or in the neighborhood.

Maybe I will get my wish in couple of years. But overall I’m so glad I had the opportunity to grow up in different cultures and languages. I’m glad I had the opportunity to know what life is like for people who aren’t Asian or the same ethnicity as me, even among Asians. I’m glad I have a diverse group of friends. They are awesome!

So I don’t regret these positive things I have. 🙂


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