1.5 Generation

Growing up in America after being born in Asia, I was caught between two worlds. There were days where I felt very Asian and other days, I felt more or strongly American. I didn’t know where I stand culturally. There were times where I felt like I was betraying my country for being more American. Other times I felt like I was betraying the US for acting Asian. But over all I learned I have to accept both sides of me: the Asian and American that I am. It is nothing that I need to be ashamed of. It is something I need to embrace and cherish. I have a unique perspective of the world that I need to share and inform others. The cultural identity that I have is not something I have fully accept, but growing to. If you are Asian-American, whether born abroad or in the US, embrace who you are! We have to if we want to feel at peace with ourselves.

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