I miss Thailand!

I miss my time in Thailand. Oh how, I loved riding on the tuk-tuk and watching Thai lakorn. Thai lakorns hands down will always be my favorite soap operas. The cast are beautiful and attractive. The dramas are intense, livery, and fiery. I am in love with the Thai language and it brings me intense nostalgia and yearning for Thailand. I missed the fact that I could eat Thai food daily. I loved the mangos there and the coconut juices.

I remember seeing intricate Thai buildings that looked so magnificent and glorious. I remember feeding an elephant one time with a banana. I remember I was able to run outside freely and climb on trees, and getting into all sorts of trouble as a young kid. Most of all I really missed the friendliness of Thailand. I loved the Thai culture very much and also the people there. I won’t forget Thailand.

Even though I don’t consider myself Thai anymore, there will always be a bit of Thai in me. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to live there.

Chan rak Prathet Thai!

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