Jeannie Mai, Fashionista

Jeannie Mai is known for her on point make up and fashion style. She is one of the five hosts on the TV show, The Real.  A talk show that features women of color. It talks about real issues and trendy news. Jeannie Mai grew up in California. She is Vietnamese and Chinese. She grew up in a large family with 16 family members!

She is an inspiration for many Asian Americans who want to follow fashion, make up, and entertainment. She pursued her passions even though her parents wanted her to follow a practical career. This is a common expectation from Asian parents. They want the best for us so that we can be financially stable and be able to raise a family.

So she started off her career as a make up artist for MAC beauty products. Then she worked her way up as stylist for TV shows. Then broke through as a host on the TV show, How Do I Look?

Now she is a great host on The Real providing an Asian American perspective and of course from her perspective too! She talks about the sacrifices her family as made. Thank you Jeannie Mai for showing us Asian Americans especially us females that Asian Americans can be host on TV shows.

She is married to Freddy Harteis and has starred in a reality show with her husband called The Hollywood Hunter. 

Your sense of fashion is delightful and exciting. Keep on rocking!

Here is a video clip of the sacrifices her family members has made.

4 thoughts on “Jeannie Mai, Fashionista

  1. I’ve see Jeannie on The Real! Her story is really inspiring and I love how she manages to be humble and grateful while also standing up for herself. She definitely is an inspiration for all Asian-Americans who want to go into entertainment.

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    1. I agree. Sometimes I cringe for her yet I’m so proud of her, because as an Asian person it’s wonderful seeing someone who look like me. I know that there are going to be some young Asians who are going to go into the entertainment field after seeing her.

      Yep her stories are really inspirational. 🙂 She is definitely humble!

      I love that she stays true to herself.

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